Sara Pacucci (Treviso, 1999)

2018 Fine Art Academy, Venezia



Sara Pacucci, live painting during Movinglab opening event, 2021

Sara Pacucci., senzatitolo,  2021, oil on canvas, cm 80 x 40

Sara Pacucci was born in Treviso in 1999. She deals with painting, graphic art and sculpture experimenting with various techniques. She lives and studies between Treviso and Venice.

She graduated in 2018 in sculptural and graphic -  disciplines, currently studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and in Luca Reffo's Atelier 12.

Her research has its objective in the exploration of reality starting from the idea of ​​the Points of Con-Tact; the dialectic that is created between several bodies, a general participation, an attempt to break the I-World dualism.

All things are reconnected with each other, with silent dialogues, they "touch", almost in secret.

An infinite grid is being drawn, a map, where the elements come alive with each other.

It is a delicate tale. The images are established in the mind of the beholder, making others emerge. A reference to our experience, to memories, to the clear indefiniteness of dreams. Blurred boundaries to seek a great vision of the whole: everything is reconnected, everything tells us.