Maria Pilotto (Padova, 1996)

2021 Fine Art Academy, Venice


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Maria Pilotto, Carnevale 1968, 2021,

watercolours on paper, cm 20 x 15

Maria Pilotto, Domenica: la crostata della

signora Laurenti, 2021, watercolours on

paper, cm 15 x 9

Maria Pilotto, Jesolani nel '69, 2021, 

watercolours on paper,  cm 20 x 15

​Maria Pilotto was born in Padua in 1996 and graduated at the Liceo Artistico P. Selvatico in Padua, specializing in Figurative Arts - Painting. In 2021 she obtained the Second Level Academic Diploma in Visual Arts - Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

Her research is focused on family themes and the main inspiration comes from her family photos, small but great treasures. According to the artist, they allow you to travel in time and let yourself be transported to those places and situations experienced with her family.

Pilotto has Middle-Eastern origins and the photos were often used as postcards: they were sent to relatives who were in different parts of the world.

The figures she represents are "dressed" in bright and particular clothes and their face is "emptied" of somatic features and asks the viewer to recognize themselves. "No matter how lively we try to imagine it (and this desire to" make it alive "can only be the mythical denial of our anxiety for death), the Photo is like a primitive theater, like a Living Picture". (BARTHES R., La camera chiara. Note on photography, Einaudi, Turin 2016, p.33)