Laura Fabbris (Padova, 1999)

2022 Fine Art Academy, Venezia


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Laura Fabbris, Torsione 2, 2020, patinated terracotta

Laura Fabbris, Torsione 1, 2019, patinated terracotta

Laura Fabbris was born in Padua in 1999, she graduated in Figurative Arts at the Modigliani Art School in Padua in 2018 and subsequently enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, with a specialization in sculpture. This path will end in March 2022 with the achievement of the diploma. During her artistic career she finds her natural predisposition for forms between figurative and abstract, creating a connection between the organic forms of female bodies and their representations in the ancient world. She is currently working on metals and their application on terracotta through patinas. In 2019 she participates in the Venice Art Night at the Academy of Fine Arts. “I feel very close to the natural forms particularly linked to the earth that go hand in hand with the most ancient and primordial forms of civilization. From these forms I let myself be transported towards female bodies in exasperated twists that distort the figure making some parts unrecognizable. The use of clay allows me to deal with volumes and masses with prosperous shapes, the figures in deliberately exasperated twists express a precise cathartic and ecstatic will in what we could define as a Tao of emotions ".