Cleonice Di Muro (Foggia, 1993)

2019 Fine Art Academy, Bari


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Cleonice di Muro, E-Mergo, 2020, cotton, plaster, glue, cm 17 x 11

Cleonice di Muro, Captione, 2020, cotton, plaster, glue, cm 40 x 68

Cleonice Di Muro started her artistic career in 2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari after graduating in classical studies. Always fascinated by the power of art in all its forms and in particular of painting, she begins her journey by immersing herself in the study of landscape, anatomy and colors.

The experimentation will lead her to have experiences of collective exhibitions in her city and outside.

She is currently working in her hometown, Lucera (Puglia), holding training courses in painting and visual arts in her art studio.

Constantly updated, she enriches her practice with the latest trends in the visual arts. She also deals with the restyling of antique furniture and internal and external masonry structures.